Thursday, 11 October 2012

Playing with Colour.

Using previous photographs I've uploaded on this blog (it's all I have access to until I can find the others on the hard drive), I've been playing with the colours of them or completely removing colour. Which ones do you prefer? I personally love the Life Guard buildings with the pop of colour!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


. This year like many others we took a trip to Newquay in Cornwall for 10 days. It was a really lovely holiday, the weather wasn't too bad and I enjoyed myself very much. 

These are some photos from the first few days we were there, I'll continue to put up more in new posts throughout the next few days, I just have a lot of photographs to sort through and edit, so it'll take a little while.

This is the view as you walk into the town.

 Another view as you walk up from Porth Beach. We were staying right across the road from this beach.
 Don't you just want to live on this street?


These photos were taken when I went on a day trip to Holy Island with my parents and grandparents, it was a lovely day, it wasn't too cold, and the whole island is very scenic. However, what I was really excited about was taking out the camera I'm currently borrowing from my old primary school (I did a bit of helping out at the photography club there, and my mother works there so she asked nicely, signed some forms and was allowed to borrow it for the summer). I'm not remotely knowledgeable on DSLR cameras however I've picked up some basics from helping out at the club and so I thought I'd have a play while we were out.
Here are some of the final photographs please let me know what you think? :)

This one made us all laugh :)



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