Sunday, 6 October 2013

Saltburn & Manual!

Yesterday the family and I took a trip to Saltburn and so as usual with outings I like to take along my camera!

I've recently started my Photography Degree and so I'm constantly learning new things about taking photos and hopefully that will show throughout this blog!
I decided to take all of these photographs in manual which I've definitely been too scared to even try to use previously, I could not get my head around what everything did, but thankfully we learned that in our second workshop and I understand now how aperture affects shutter speed and what on earth ISO is!

Obviously I'm just getting to grips with these things so it's all a big experiment and a lot of playing around!

I had a lot of fun playing with the settings while in Saltburn Woods and using manual focus for the first time properly as well!

I love these photographs I took though!


To be completely honest here I forgot to change the aperture back after a different photograph but I like how dark it is! 

Spooky mushrooms! 

By far my favourite image! The tree roots look like they're reaching for you! 

I'm so glad I spotted this! I had to double take and then realised somebody (fairies) had attached this door handle to the tree. 



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